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First bride of the year, but also first time one of my dress travels as far as… Argentina!!

I always get emotional when I see my dresses during their big day, so when the bride is as elegant and stylish as Mercedes, it is total bliss!

Her wedding dress was made entirely of Italian silk organza which I embroidered with fringes of lace. Regarding the style, we went for an airy retro/bohemian silhouette. But I have to admit that Mercedes’ look wouldn’t have been complete and as striking without her beautiful Ani Burech golden headpiece. It literally brighten up her face. As for her husband, Nicolas, I though he was very elegant too with his three pieces suit. They did indeed looked like the perfect couple!

My congratulations to the happy couple, I wish you an eternity of happiness!!

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Wedding Inspiration

7 Beautiful ways to wear your wedding veil…


As the wedding season approach, it is now time (if you didn’t do it already) to choose the wedding veil that will perfect your beautiful dress! Did you know that this timeless piece can be worn in so many ways? Here are 7 ways to style your wedding veil!

1. The birdcage

voile-mariageVery elegant but also easy to wear, the birdcage veil will be the perfect choice if you wear your hair in a bun or if they are short. What a better way to show off your shoulders and décolleté?

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About time…


When working I tend to loose track of time, especially when I draw or sew. I sink into this parallel world where minutes becomes hours. The only thing that usually bring me back to the real world is my stomach! Yes, as soon as I start to hear him, it’s time for me to stop and indulge into my other passion, food!

daniel-wellington-watches-by-valentine-avoh_3So I was very happy when I received this beautiful watch for my birthday (it was on the 16th feb ;-) from Daniel Wellington Watches. They knew exactly what I needed! It keeps me from looking at the time on my phone which inevitably turns in a mail, facebook and other distractions moment. I usually leave it on my desk when working but obviouly love to wear it during my bridal appointments as it is very elegant and yet modern.

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Through Ainsley’s eyes…


In January I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Ainsley from the blog And I Said Yes as she was planning to write a piece on my collection. The truth is that I had been following her blog since its beginning so I was really thrilled to meet her in person.

Ainsley started her blog only a few months ago but immediately stood out from the crowd with her quality content and beautiful imagery. Plus you will absolutely love her DIY video tutorials!

I showed her around my cosy studio, told her about my design process and even engaged in some live sewing… As you can see I was wearing my favorite stay at home ballerinas from Wonders which help me to brighten up any cloudy day ;-)

So to see the rest of the pictures and discover Ainsley’s cute blog, click here.

valentine-avoh-by-ainsley-and-I-Said-Yes-Blog2Thank you Ainsley for the lovely pictures!

valentine-avoh-by-ainsley-and-I-Said-Yes-Blog3   valentine-avoh-by-ainsley-and-I-Said-Yes-Blog2

Shirt: Zara • Jeans: James Jeans • Ballerina: Wonders


Behind the photoshoot


Although I shot a thousand pictures in many different situations (street style, events, etc..), this was by far the most intense but also exciting photoshoot I had to do… Because I was shooting my baby, my first collection! Not only was I taking the actual pictures, I also had to coordinate the whole day, the crew, while making sure that my dresses looked good. But thanks god I had an amazing team to help me: My boyfriend, who acted as the DOP (and moral support), Daphné and her fairy finger who created beautiful hairstyles & make up, my model of course, the beautiful Talisa which was a total pleasure to work with, my two friends Yeba and Géraldine who came to assist me and my parents who also popped by for a minute to encourage me. But of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without Anne, the owner of this magical café called La Mercerie.

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Bubble Dream


In November, I had the pleasure to participate in “Bubble Dream“, an amazing charity fashion show in favor of autistic children and adults. This was my first fashion show of the season so I was very exited to take part in it, especially as it was for a good cause.

Here are some pictures from the event which took place over two days at Brussels Tour & Taxi venue. I presented my original collection along with two new additional short dresses. Along with me, 16 others fashion and accessories designers joined the show. And what a show…! Coordinated by the talented choreographer Joelle Morane, every presentation was brought to life thanks to a series of great dance performances.

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