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1 In Atelier/ Wedding Inspiration

Inspirational shoot

It has been a while since I wanted to show you those pictures..! A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to lend some of my dresses to a talented photographer named Mohamed Houssein. Mohamed started photography 4 years ago. Aside from the quality of his photos, what I loved about his work, is that he has been shooting on film since over a year. We selected four of my dresses and shoot in various location in Brussels. In…

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In Atelier

Valentine’s Day

I hope you all a good Valentine’s Day, meaning, being with your loved one, alone, at work or at home or else… For me it’s just a day to celebrate my name and look forward to my Birthday 2 days later (16th February). Contrary to what people always think, I was name Valentine not because I was born after Valentine’s day but after my Grandmother. For Valentine’s Day I wanted to organize a mini shooting in a little park close…

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In Video Inspiration

Inside Chanel – La Haute Couture

Since Octobre 2012, Chanel has been revealing it’s essence in a series of short films and photos dedicated to its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, it’s designer, Karl Lagerfeld and it’s history. Those stories are unveiled one by one through the years on their mini Inside Chanel website ( Last week it was all about Haute Couture and I must say that absolutely loved their video! Which is why I wanted to share it with you. It showed the whole process behind…

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In Fashion/ Wedding Inspiration

The very Best of Haute Couture 2016

Haute Couture has always inspired me. Some may say it’s unwearable or useless but I see it as a form of art, incredible crafsmanship and as undeniable teamwork. But most of all, as an endless source of inspiration! What I love the most about Haute Couture, is that it’s a world where everything is possible, a beautiful parenthesis in today’s chaos. There is absolutely no limits to the imagination of it’s designer. It shouldn’t be seen as a collection of…

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