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Here come the Feathers

Now that we agreed on a dress… I had to get started. Measurement taken I had to translate them into a pattern to make the first toile. The toile was fine… Just a few things had to be corrected here and there… Three toiles later I could finallystart with the final fabric. Precision was a must. Scissors, pencil, needle ruler, paper, I operateed like a surgeon while Ella Fitzgerald was singing in the background…

And then there were the feathers… All the way from the states 250 ivory feathers… That should have been enough. Or was it???

The feathers arrived by post in a box the size of a Kellogg K! I could barely do half of the dress with those… I needed at least 350 more !!!

Three weeks later the 600 feathers were attached to the dress. The dress was shipped to the bride and stocked in a secret location away from the groom… I don’t think he had any idea of what was coming…! ;-)

feather wedding dress, valentine avoh