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The Irreverence of Carine…

Carine Roitfeld is on every one’s lips these days… Ever since her resignation from the french Vogue, after ten years of loyal service as the queen of “erotico-chic”, it seems like the planet fashion cannot get enough of her.
First there were the incessant speculations about her after Vogue life…


Would she go on to work with her longtime friend and accomplice Tom Ford?
Was she going to create her own magazine, or her own line?



The truth was that she has been working with Olivier Zahm, editor in chief of Purple Magazine, on a book. But not just any book… Between a biography and a retrospective, Irreverent, is an open window on the last 30 years of her career but also her personal life. 368 pages of photos, notes, editorials, letters, souvenirs and drawings.


For my part I cannot wait to get my hands on her book. It is said to be out around the 4th of October depending on your country.


Seeing Carine in pictures with her eyes blacked up and half her face covered up in hair, I always imagined her being a tat aggressive or a little bit punk (almost more scary than Anna Wintour* ;) Anyway, after meeting her outside the Prada show in Milan last week I was happily surprised as she ¬†actually is very sweet and warm. And when I asked her for a picture and she kindly accepted…


*Ah yes Anna… Actually she is not that scary either… She just walk super fast which makes it almost impossible to get a good picture of her… She is, and I am willing to testify, faster than sound speed! I have some shots of her though that I will try to show you shortly…


  • Liz Lizo
    30 September 2011 at 20:48

    She is totally about to take over nyc like she did paris, she always looks stunning. Love her.

  • Lucija
    9 October 2011 at 13:30

    So chic! I think you are doing such a great job with this blog, so impressed!
    (& I would love if you checked out my blog dear!)