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A evening with Eastpak Artist Studio…



There are a lot of way someone can use his celebrity, but one of the best way is when you use it for a good cause. That is why I have a lot of respect for the brands that associate themselves to causes, especially such as the fight against Aids… Having had a friend who lost her mother to Aids, this disease always frightened me in a way…


That’s why I was very happy to be the photographer for Eastpak‘s latest event in collaboration with Designer Against Aids: Eastpak Artist Studio Italian Launch, who took place in the art gallery and shop XL Combine in Milan.


The rest of my pictures can be viewed on Eastpak’s facebook here. Also below, the video of the event plus the video of the Fikera Studio bag… ;-)


The Artist Studio project reunites 130 various artists from all around the world. Each of them had to customize one or more of the classic Eastpak backpack which will be later sold on the 19th of March in an Internet auction on their website. The profits of the sales will be then reinvested into the fight against Aids and in the raise of its awareness.


Surprisingly there are still a lot of people today that think that Aids happens only in Africa or among the gays and drug addicts… In the 90s, this way of thinking was still acceptable but nowadays it is very scary to know that some people still think as such and never got tested in their life because “they know” they don’t have anything or because obviously it only happen to others.


And yes there are treatment for HIV and Aids but to this day there are still no cure which means that even thought the victims might have a longer life expectancy, people still die of it every day and everywhere. And the scariest things is that the numbers keep increasing especially among the “straight” community and the under 30s…


So my advice is this: Until you and your partner get tested, the condom will be your only way to keep the control of your life! And if you don’t have a regular partner, you shouldn’t even be second guessing the use of condoms…



[youtube w=”680″ h=”376″]http://youtu.be/yHLTmnk7w3w[/youtube]
[youtube w=”680″ h=”376″]http://youtu.be/A6iiQvu17Dw[/youtube]



Bag: Fikera Studio and Eastpak – Dress: 2nd hand from some boutique in NY – Tight: Veritas


And to end, here are a recent campaign that in my opinion illustrates very well the problem of Aids, not so much for the numbers but more for the fact that each person is part of a castle card and just one person can make everyone else collapse…


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