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Video Inspirations… #5

Just for you,  some of the nicest videos I came across this week.

Let’s start with this video from ELLE featuring Rihanna. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of Rihanna but I do like this video! The scenery is beautiful and so is the styling. But what got me me the most was the light and those games of shadows inspired by of the old Hollywood movies. (By the way, have you seen Sunset Boulevard? It has one of the most amazing black and white photography and light techniques)  So thanks to this video I have now discovered a new talented photographer by the name of Tom Munro. What do you think about the video?

Here is a video about Yayoi Kusama. Also know as the Japanese artist who transformed her obsession for dots into an art. She came to fame in the 50s after moving to New York, although she already made a name for herself in Japan. Her techniques include the repetition of patterns, the use of psychedelic colors and of courses dots! She applies her art to anything from toiles, trees, streets, scupltures, bags (she colaborated with Louis Vuitton), and many other supports.

In fact, if you are in London between now and the 5th of June, I suggest you to have a look at her retrospective at the Tate Modern.

Then… P’trique and his delirious video which is once again mocking the fashion world..! I discovered him with his “Shit’s fashion girls say” And I have to admit that since then I have become a total fan of his parodies…

Here is an upcoming series of videos on bloggers from around the globe by Toni & Guy. The first videos will be out in early May. I have to say I am quite curious to see what it will be about as I really enjoyed the previous projects of the same kind by Levis, and Lancôme, featuring bloggers such as Aimee Song and Gala.

And to end, I came across this Vogue Italia video on the Northen Light and I had to share it with you as I really liked the photography. To be honest, the mood and colors do remind me of the latest Prada advert by Steve Meisel. Which is probably one of the main reason I liked it in the first place…

Let me know what you thought about this selection, and if you have some other videos that you like or came across recently, don’t hesitate to share them with me below, I would be happy to watch them ;-)

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  • Alice
    1 May 2012 at 23:28

    wow those shoes!

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