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Video Inspirations #6

Hi everyone! Here are the latest videos I came across recently and as usual, I wanted to share them with you…

First, the latest video from Garance Doré… Everything Garance does becomes a hit as she master the art of personalization as an added value. That it’d be for the way she writes or the way she talks us through her travel and experiences, only she, can make us instantly feel part of her clique, like we knew her since primary school…

In this video, Garance took a bag (ok not just any bag, a Dior please!) around Tokyo and customized it in the midst of her Japanese journey with souvenirs, pendants, stickers and words. She also collaborated with local artists who each painted or drew their own personal vision onto the bag.


The concept reminds me a little of the Designers Against Aids and Eatspak Artist Studio project in which artists customized over 200 Eastpak backpacks in order to be sold in an auction. Garance twisted it as she reunited all the artist in one little bag…

Probably, the most stylish therapeutic encounter…

Directed by Roman Polanski, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley, this video is witty and beautifully made… Prada at its finest!

This very cute video illustrates the collaboration between the iconic french label Petit Bateau and the Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. The video is just adorable. I actually do like the tshirts very much as they added a little drop of romanticism to the classical “marinière”.

What happens when the bad boy of fashion, Olivier Zahm pairs with one of the most politically correct fashion label, Louis Vuitton? See it in this black and white, Jean-Luc Godard inspired video diary, directed by Zahm himself and staging the latest LV collection.

This delirious video addresses the Pinterest craze… If you are on Pinterest, you might already be very familiar with its addictive concept. For the ones among you that don’t know about it, Pinterest is an online mood board that allows anyone to virtually pin images and video from any webpages onto their personal boards.

Much more compact than a real board and definitely easier to carry, one of the advantages of Pinterest is that you can also browse through other peoples inspiration boards to “re pin” onto yours what caught your attention…

I am myself on Pinterest and you can find me here.

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Voilà! Have a nice day. xx

Photo courtesy of Garance Doré

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