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Wedding Bells at Antonio Marras

On Saturday I was invited to a wedding… Antonio Marras was celebrating the marriage between Alice in Wonderland and a warrior princess! For the occasion, he had transformed Garage Milano into a afternoon ladies luncheon… As I entered the room, I got immediately conquered by the setting and decoration. Aah… If only every fashion show was like this..!

Imagine that instead of having the usual raw of seats, the guests were seated at tables of four, on each table was a delicious little colored blue, pink or yellow cake pre-cut in four parts and a set of gold lined plates with their matching cups. And while waiting for the show to start, cute waitresses in maid uniforms were circulating among each tables to serve the coffee.

Inspired by the illustrator Henry Darger, the collection consisted mainly in pastel hues with dashes of black here and there. Chanel inspired bouclé and tweed jackets, damask, embroidery and appliqué, pencil skirts, flowers, sequins and swarovski crystals, this collection was very feminine, original and yet wearable. My favorites? The cute mini dresses. And for the one who wonder… I had just one slice of cake! ;-)




A special thank you to Negri Firman Pr & Communication!

  • nathalia
    28 September 2012 at 05:01

    wow!! love iT!! lucky yoU!

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