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It’s official, the fashion week season has started! While army of models are strutting down the runaway, bloggers and journalists have already started to identify the upcoming trends. When some designers favor laces, others prints, embroideries or even plain colors, have you ever wondered why some materials are chosen instead of others? And why is there is always a common thread between all the collections of the same season..?

Whereas it use to be the Haute Couture shows dictating the laws of fashion, today, the trends are created in laboratory. But not any laboratory… They are called the trends and style forecasting agency. Their job is to analyze the past trends in order to predict the upcoming ones. In other words, they are the stockbrokers of the fashion industry!

After deciding that embroidery or peplum skirts are in and bell bottom trousers are out, they compile all those information in books called forecasting books. Those books can be sold from 50 euros to 1500 euros and more depending on their content… And they work years in advance… While I don’t know yet what I’ll be wearing tomorrow they already know what we will all be wearing in summer 2014!

Although it cannot be seen as the only source of inspiration for large companies and designers, a lot of them get the direction of their work on the basis of those analysis. They also influence the print, textile and trim industry.

So why am I telling you all this bla bla..? Because this week I have been attending the Milan International Textile Fair, Milano Unica. There I had the opportunity to look and feel the fabrics created for next winter (2013).

Luckily I could manage to take some pictures for you as it is kind off forbidden…

The image above represent a quarter of the exhibition. As you can see, each textile provider has his own cubicle to recreate their showroom. They expose their collections so that each buyer or designer select the fabrics they are interested in. They then order samples to the agents and might also discuss the possibilities of customization, the deliveries, prices etc…

I tend to visit always the same suppliers as they caters to most of my needs. That’s how I was able to see the new lace collection from Sophie Halette. You might not know the name but they are the ones who created the lace for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and brands such as Princesse Tam Tam, Aubade, Agent Provocateur and Nina Ricci…

There is an area dedicated to the inspiration where the best fabrics and trims from each suppliers are displayed according to the moods created for the upcoming season. For example, above you can see the “Formal and Sugary” board and below the “Informal and Spicy”. Which one will you be?

There is also a vintage area where you can find clothes, bags, sunglasses, fabrics, trimming, and even vintage buttons like those lovely Chanel’s one.

There is also an accessory area where you can find everything from labels to beads through feathers and zippers…

And even free apples!

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