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Catherine Kallon

I love those pictures of Catherine. Catherine Kallon is the girl behind the highly addictive site Red Carpet Fashion Awards. I say addictive because every time I happen to visit her blog for a quick fix on the latest trends from the red carpet, I end up browsing her pages much longer than planned. The cause? Her full collection of celebrity styles and that little arrow at the end of each page that keep me saying “This is the last page I’m watching… Ok just one more… Ok another one…” Then half an hour later, instead of working, I am still in front of my computer browsing through her archives like a little nerd …

Anyway… I took those pictures of Catherine last month, right after the Antonio Marras show and two pieces of cake. And I really love them. Why? Because she is so connected! I mean, on the phone while charging and selecting her pictures from the show on her Ipad to instant-tweet them to her followers..! As we say in french: Chapeau! I am still one of those person who needs to stop whatever they’re doing to send a text so I really admire Catherine’s multitasking skills. And the best is that she might be very technological but she is also a very nice down to earth person.  Oh.. And a great stylist too! You remember that we worked together during the Luisa Via Roma style lab in June? If not, you can see the pictures here.

So are you a multitasking techno’ gal too?