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Fragolina Pompadour

It is not because the fashion week season has ended that there are no more events worth going to. As a matter of fact I got the chance to see two shows in the last few days, both of them being swimwear collections.

The first one was the show of a friend (which I will post you later) and the second was the Fragolina Pompadour SS 2013 collection which just happened last Saturday.

The show took place at the beautiful Hotel Principe di Savoia and although I heard about this hotel before, it was my first time there.

The show started with a nice and entertaining video retrospective of bathing suits since its creation. The ladies swimsuits were inspired by the fifties and declined in fresh and bright colors. On and all I thought it was a very cute and dynamic collection.

The models were walking on a water runaway which proved to be quite slippery especially among the males so Ie got to see a few equilibrium exercises and one hard fall.

I especially loved the music and hairstyle who immediately set the mood for the evening.
And to end, a “jolie” model backstage…

Thanks to Alessia for the invitation!