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Anna and The Jumping Dog

Following my last post on the Dolce & Gabbana Glamazones, I thought I would share with you this picture taken as well right after the show. Anna Dello Russo and her little dog! As we all know, fashionistas love their puppies especially when they end up being the cutest accessories.

The story behind this picture is that I was quietly having a drink at a terasse outside the show with my friend Kristin, Denni Elias from Chicmuse, Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily and Scott Schuman*. We were all engaging in a “very deep conversation” about the shows we had seen that week, debating which collections were hot and which were not.

We then went on to talk about astrological signs as Scott was about to get the return of Saturn in his**, when I felt something wet on my leg..! So obviously I first jumped and yelled like a chicken (very briefly don’t worry) but then I heard a voice saying “Oh I’m so sorry… It’s my dog…” And it was Anna. So I told her it was ok as I clearly get scared very easily but that, for the compensation, I had to get a picture of her little showman. And that’s how it all happened… I have to say that her dog is quite funny as he kept jumping up and down her legs the whole time…

*This make me think that I still have to post you that picture Scott took of me and Claire that day ;-)

**Saturn’s return as Kristin taught us is linked to an important transitioning phase in one’s life. Which got us wondering if Scott was going to; a: have a mid life crisis, b:marry Garance? In the end we didn’t pick a solution but he told us he was ready to face Saturn. So we believed him.