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The Sartorialist, Vogue and I

Here is a picture I was meaning to share with you for some time…

Me by: The Sartorialist! (internal Woop Woop!)


The picture was taken during the Milan fashion week while Claire Sulmers and I were both shooting Denni Elias. Actually the same afternoon Anna Dello Russo’s dog made me jump… I could see Scott from the corner of my eyes taking our picture but I have to say I was still surprised and very, VERY happy when I saw it in his Outside Dolce Gabbana post! Especially as I was wearing a shirt I actually made myself! I really love this shot as it is so natural and so me even if you don’t see my face! What do you think?

Below another picture of me and my little shirt by Stefano Coletti for Vogue Black!

A huge thank you to Scott and Stefano!

  • lens & anything else
    9 December 2012 at 10:17

    I remember I saw you outside Dolce&Gabbana show and I though your shirt was lovely!
    I also took a pic of you…outside Ferragamo I think ;)…
    congrats for all, especially your photography and this lovely blog!!


    • Valentine
      15 December 2012 at 18:38

      Thanks a lot!!
      Yes I remember, I think you showed me the picture you took (if I am not wrong?).
      Thanks a lot for being my loyal follower, I always appreciate your comments! ;-)