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Madame Grès

A few years ago, the Musée Bourdelle of Paris curated a beautiful exhibition dedicated to the fashion designer and sculptor, Madame Grès. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see it for myself, so when I heard that the Mode Museum of Antwerp was, in is turn, displaying Madame Grès’ collection, I had to go!


Madame Grès’ talent laid in her ability to sculpt and drape meters of fabric, reducing 3 meters of silk jersey into a tiny 10 cm. This allowed her to create fluid and supple Greek goddess like creations that were not only a pleasure for the eyes but also very comfortable and secure. Grès’ creation embodied real Haute-Couture, minimalism and rigor. No wonder she remains one of the main inspiration source for today’s designers. Lanvin and Jean Paul Gaultier are among those who regularly draw ideas from her pieces…


 “I wanted to be a sculptor. For me, it’s the same thing to work the fabric or the stone” Alix Grès


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  • U No Who
    25 February 2013 at 03:07

    A nice documentary – compliments

    A pity that there are any current like designers

    Save Barbara Casasola

    • Valentine
      26 February 2013 at 18:28

      I totally agree with you!