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Stella Jean


During the fashion weeks, you see a lot of things, a lot of clothes, fashion shows and presentations. Which means that it can sometimes be hard to distinguish one collection or event from the other. However, when you see something different, something special, it does stick with you and becomes hard to forget. I call them “Coup de Coeur“. This season I had three Coup de Coeur, the first one being for Stella Jean and her amazing winter collection!

I think the first time I heard about Stella Jean was in a magazine, I don’t really remember where but all I know is that I immediately became a fan of her colorful universe. Being half Italian and half Haitian, she wonderfully manages to combine her creole origin with her European upbringing without falling into the costume/ethnic category.

Being myself originally from Ivory Coast, but born and raised in Belgium, I really do identify myself to her world and understand how challenging it can be to position yourself and create your identity, without muzzling your origins.

Presented at the MarcoRossi Artecontemporanea gallery, her winter collection, (like any of her previous ones) is an explosion of colors, prints and textures, cleverly mixed together, embroidered and beautifully accessorized. I applauded the way she presented her pieces alongside paintings which really served as a color enhancer.

Ok, ok, you probably understood by now that I am an absolute fan of Stella and that I would happily wear every single piece of her collection! Not to mention that she is, as well, a very nice and friendly person.

Just for you, below, her beautiful spring summer 2013 short film which I find very enchanting.









  • Yasmine
    19 December 2014 at 15:55

    Bonjour, moi aussi je suis totalement fan de Stella Jean que j’ai découvert il y a peu de temps! Avez-vous plus de détails sur ce manteau beige avec le col en fourrure/plume/fausse fourure beige également??? Il n’y a que sur votre site que je l’ai vu, il est sublime!!! Bravo pour votre site, très sympa et agréable à lire.


    • Valentine
      20 December 2014 at 02:06

      Bonjour Yasmine,
      Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire. Je suis contente que mon blog te plaise.
      Au sujet du manteau, il date d’il y a 1 an et demi donc je pense que tu aura plus de renseignements via le site officiel de Stella Jean.