Behind the Blog – Video

Hi Everybody!

Here is a little video I was really eager to show you… A few month ago, I had the opportunity to be filmed by the Fikera Studio as part of their handmade documentary series!


Shot over two weeks during the realization of a wedding dress for one of my client, this video will give you a little insight into my world, my work and my passion for the craftsmanship.


I decided to call it Behind the Blog… As most of you know me as the blogger and street style photographer, so I thought I would share with you this other side of me, which is mainly related to my occupation as a fashion and bridal designer.


I really hope you’ll like it as much as I do, especially as I had a lot of fun while filming it!



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  • Reply May 27, 2013


    OH!!! Lovely Valentine at work…. thank you for sharing <3

  • Reply May 28, 2013


    Behind the Blog – Video | Valentine Avoh: Blog Deborah

  • Reply June 7, 2013


    I just want to tell you that I find your blog so inspiring (I feel a creative urge afterwards :). Yes, there are a lot of amazing fashion blogs, however, you add a special touch to yours that is difficult to explain. It sounds a bit more personal and kind of cozy. Your posts are a treat, they take me on vacation or at least take my mind off of things. Just wanted to share this little bit of warmth. Thank you!

    • Reply June 10, 2013


      Oh thank you Anush! It is probably one of the sweetest comment I’ve received since I started this blog! Thanks for giving me some warmth back ;-)
      I am really happy you enjoy reading my blog and that it allows you to travel with the mind. It is sometimes hard to find the right balance and tone to communicate my thought, so I am not always sure I pass the messages well but I am glad it does speaks to you. Thanks again for your comment!
      Have a lovely day!

  • Reply June 16, 2013


    I had to share this on my twitter, you go gurl

  • Reply July 22, 2013


    hyper bien filmé! gros bisous

    • Reply August 12, 2013


      Merci Zadounette! xxx

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