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Video Inspirations #11

It has been a while since my last Video Inspirations post so let me share with you this “maxi” post, full of new or just interesting videos…

Starting with one my my favorite girl of the moment, Cara Delevingne! Staring in the music video of her pal, Rita Ora, she exudes her cool attitude as usual owning her title as the chicest rebel… Plus one for Rita!

Janelle Monae is back with a bang, and I am happy that for this first video she called in one of the mother of soul… Mrs Erykah Badu! Aside from the exhilarating rhythm, I really love the styling of the video. What do you think?

I first heard this song at work and since then, I am just in love with it’s cheeky and humorous lyrics. I love the message Macklemore is trying to convey, even if it’s nothing really new, it is quite a revolution in the hip-hop industry’s usual bling image.


Here is an honest and interesting interview of one of my favorite actress of the moment, Ashley Madekwe. Seriously, if you haven’t see her show “Revenge” yet, I urge you to catch up with the rest of us and watch the first two series. Three words: Sexy, Scandalous & Addictive! Aside from staring on revenge, la belle Ashley is also a well establish fashion blogger and style icon. You can check her blog here. The most adorable moment? When she talks about her husband…

I often head to the Etsy website and watch their video interviews which I always find very inspiring. Here is one of my favorite with Vladimir Grigoryev from AFOURCustom. What I loved about it? His perseverance and honesty.

Yvan Rodic from the FaceHunter was in Brussels tonight but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, so instead I will re-watch his interview and it will be like I was there… He recently published his first book. It is full of pictures of people, places and faces which he met during his travels around the world. It is definitely worth getting a copy…


Karl, Karl, Karl… Discover Keira as a modern Gabrielle Chanel, filmed by the Kaiser in a fictional Deauville…

Aaah Gatsby the magnifique, or should I say, Leonardo the magnifique…! Have you seen it yet? Baz Luhrmann always puts on THE show and as usual I was not disappointed. It often takes me a few minutes to seek in his world as the way he blends past inspirations and modern references is not always easy to assimilate but you only need a few scenes to get soaked in… Carey Mulligan was just adorable, especially as she was dressed in Prada (it helps ;-) So on and all I really enjoyed the whole movie as it does what a movie is supposed to do… It makes you travel with the mind…


Here is my favorite Italian It Girl, Candela Novembre, wondering the streets of Venise in the most stylish attire for Louis Vuitton and their Venetian Art de Vivre video.

Here is the funniest… You must definitely have heard about Evian’s dancing babies , and if you haven’t… Please watch it now! You will love it!

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