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Male Models in Tees

Oh my god, what an intense couple of days!! As you might know, it is the men fashion week here in Milan, so as for every season, I was out in the streets to shoot.

But it wasn’t as easy at it seems. I mean, with the amount of male models and stylish men around it was quite hard to stay concentrate ;-) You look left, and there goes another one on the right. You look in front, and three just passed by behind you… Those are the moment where I really wished I had more than 2 hands so I could use an extra camera!

Anyway, I tried my best to catch some of the finest “specimen” from this season just for you…!
I would also like to thanks all the kind men below who took the time to pose for me plus mother nature for her work and this heatwave which forced them to walk around in nothing more than simple Tees…

And don’t worry… More eye candies coming through later this week…

I dedicate this post to my good friends Elisa and Camille! ;-)