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A Peek at my Wedding Journey!

Hi Everyone! Do you remember the post where I was telling you about the wedding dress line I was working on? Well as you know, this project is very, very close to my heart and is, luckily, progressing really well! I came up with a collection of 10 delicate wedding dresses and even found a boutique wanting to host some of them!!! It will be a collection of customizable bespoke dresses, which will entirely be handmade my myself.

So now, I will have to produce my 10 dresses in time for next spring! And this is where I hope you can help me… I have put up my project on the crowd funding website KissKiss BankBank (here) which is the Belgian equivalent of KickStarter or IndieGogo.


First, what is crowd funding? Crowd funding is a system that allows anyone with a creative idea or project to collect funds among their friends, relatives and pretty much anyone who believes in them! Funding is based on the “all-or-nothing” principle which means that each project must reach its funding goal to receive any money otherwise, all the donations made will be refunded to their owners. Technically, I have 43 days to reach my goal..!

Why am I doing this? Well, I will need to purchase a large amount of beautiful and high quality fabrics in a very short amount of time to produce my 10 dresses and their duplicates for spring. This is why I decided to set up this campaign, to help me finance all the material I will need to bring my dream to life. The amount requested will only serve this purpose and won’t include my labor. That will be on me.

What I am offering you in return? Of course I will want to thank you..! So according to your donation, which can start from as little as 1 euro, you will receive a little reward ;-) From handmade sketches to invitations to my launching party, passing by delicate french lace panties and even two bespoke wedding dresses (!), I was careful to choose personalized and unique gifts, in line with the mood of my brand. You can see them all here.

*This is a all or nothing campaign. If I don’t reach my goal in 43 days, all donations so far will get cancelled and refunded. So any little donations will go a long way to help me fulfill my dream and present my collection!

**If you cannot back me up, please help me by simply sharing the link of this post and of my campaign (below), on Facebook, Twitter, by mail, to your friends… or anyone you think it could interest:


Here is a little sneak peak inside my studio, starting with my mood board and some sketches from my upcoming collection… Don’t forget to check my previous work on my professional website.

Thank you Everyone!!!




Again, I thank you all in advance for your generosity, support and for giving life to my dream !!!


Silk wedding dress – Handmade by me

  • Beauty Follower
    8 January 2014 at 09:16

    I like both dresses in those illustrations!

    Have a lovely day :)