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Best of 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

As another year starts, it is time for me, like almost everybody else, to reflect on the things I have achieved during the twelve previous months..


To start, I was very happy to continue my collaboration with Luisa Via Roma and shoot their Milan Fashion week street style for both men and womenswear. I also had the opportunity to collaborate several times with Gucci! Shooting one of their icon Ahmad Dabaas during MFW but also working on a mini project celebrating their bag collection with Yigit and blogger & model of the day Elena Braghieri.

Working during fashion week also meant reconnecting with all my fashionable friends but especially with my pal Ingrid which became my fashion week accomplice. Not only did we have a lot of fun together but she always took me to the best place, allowing me to meet people I wouldn’t have never met otherwise. Thanks to her I got to meet Roberto Cavalli, and see Kate Moss in the flesh!


The most important thing which happened, which was also the most recent one, was moving back to my home town Brussels, to pursue my career in fashion where I landed a job as a pattern maker and head of atelier for the talented Belgian designer, Marc Philippe Coudeyre!

The other main important reason why I wanted to migrate back was to concentrate on the development of my handmade wedding dress label. As you already know I have already developed a few prototypes but it will still take a while until the project can be publicly launch. Which is also why I have been neglecting my blog in the last two months (sorry!!)


Talking about my brand project I will have to thank my friend Yeba, (also known as super woman as nobody can do so many things at the same time whith two kids on her lap!!).

2013 was also the year I got my first industrial sewing machine thanks to my family and friends and their amazing birthday present!

I will also thank all the person who supported me in my crowd-funding campaign, all the people who donated, but also all the ones who helped me spread the word, again, my close friends and family but also the others, my colleagues, old school friends, friends of friends and acquaintances. Even thought it didn’t succeed like I hoped, a lot of nice things happened around it. For example, thanks to Karima, from the press agency Pride/TBWA, I had the opportunity to show my wedding dress during their press day! Which later lead me to be featured in an article in the the Belgian Flair Magazine (thanks you Cécile!).

And thanks to you! My readers, active or silent, this blog is mainly for you!

Happy New Year!!!



  • More collaborations, in fact, I will be writing a regular wedding section for the Elle Belgium online magazine!!
  • More post, hopefully I will be able to post more regularly, or at least try ;-)
  • More of me, I mean, not me literally as I only like to post my pictures every now and then, but more me in terms of passion; more fashion, more sewing, and why not some DIY?
  • More events, atelier and shop discoveries

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  • Ahot
    11 January 2014 at 11:46

    Yes, one looses some & wins some. All the best this year! Amazing things happen to those who expect them. Keep the good job, i love the postcard-like picture. xoxo