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Video Inspirations #12

Hello my Valentines! It has been a while since my last Video Inspirations post and as I came across a lot of really cool videos recently, I knew I had to share it with you guys!

Let’s start with two videos from one my favorite artist… I named: Beyonce!
Obviously you all know about her surprise album, so you might even have already seen those before, if you purchased it on Itunes. I, for my part, didn’t as I don’t really like to get all my surprises at the same time ;-) Anyway, Queen B just publicly released the video of her very racy and sexy song “Partition” which done in true Beyonce style, which I obviously love! I also liked the fact that she took inspiration from the famous french cabaret “Crazy Horse”.  You know what was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it… “Damn Jay-Z must never get bored with this woman…!”

The second video is even more racy but I love the beat and the fact that all my favorite models of the moment are reunited in it. Thinking about it, I am really happy that I could photograph two of them, Joan Small and Jourdan Dunn! The only one missing for now is Chanel Iman… Hopefully one day… Oh and of course Miss Carter herself..!

By the way, what did you think about the Beyonce & Obama rumors… Did you believe it? And don’t tell me you haven’t heard about it!


To continue with the “Yoncé” girls… Did you know Jourdan Dunn was giving cooking class on Jay-Z Life Times YouTube channel? It’s called “Well Dunn” and I have been following it since a bit, as not only is she extremely pretty but the girl can really cook! Who said models don’t eat? And for the third season premiere of her show, she invited her accomplices to join and help her to cook a Vegan Thai Chili… Gosh it really looks delicious! Plus, the video is really fun, especially as if like me you love a good British accent. The nice part is that they also share their experience on working with Beyonce.


Here goes the fashion videos… First of all, the Madame Agnès take on bloggers’s beauty tutorial videos. You know the ones where they teach you how to put make up on, or how to wash your hair, etc… Well Leonor Greyl  did it, Agnès’ style and it is just brilliant! I love her as she doesn’t take fashion seriously at all and isn’t afraid to sound silly!

Second satire with actress Lizzy Caplan and this advert for the brand Viva Vena, which I didn’t knew about until now and which I wish I did now. I absolutely love the mood of the video and its monologue… Plus, let’s admit that the clothes are quite cool!

Chiara Ferragni, who I met here, is launching her new shoe collection and this time she called the very requested Justin Wu to direct her video campaign. I met Justin in Milan a couple of years ago and have been following his career since as his videos are like a breath of fresh air. So I was very happy to see those two working together. What do you think about the actual shoes?


This one is just for the fun… Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon retracing the history of Hip-Hop dancing on the Tonight Show… One word: Hilarious!

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  • tina
    27 February 2014 at 01:15

    lovely videos…

  • azipiculeta
    27 February 2014 at 15:50

    indeed , very inspirational…