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When I start working on a new project for myself or for a client, I always begin with the same process: Research..!

And for me, research rhymes with books!

I think I have been collecting books since I could read, as for fashion and art books, probably since I was 17-18… And you know, I haven’t stop since! This passion for beautiful images and artists biographies followed me during all my travels where I could always find the one, but usually the 2-3 books, which would come home with me. I guess being an only child, thus having a lot of alone time on my hand, accentuated my reading habits. Later at university, books became part of my routine as I constantly had to research new inspiration for my design projects. My university’s library, London College of Fashion, was one of the best I had ever seen, as not only did they have the largest range of art and fashion books but they also had the earliest issues of most fashion magazines!

Later, while working at Alexander McQueen, I remember being totally fascinated by his book library! It was so organized and yet had so many different categories that it was worthy of some of the best bookshop in the city! During my lunch break, I recall sitting there feeding my soul while feeding my body with a “Pret à Manger” sandwich. I probably thought that, as most of McQueen’s collection theme emerged from this place, some of his creativity would rub off on me… Gosh, it was so captivating seeing him develop a complete story from just one image he had seen in one of his books.

at-home-by-valentine-avohThose experiences sure reinforced my love for beautiful books and my desire to build over the years a consistent collection. To the dismay of my parents and boyfriend my books always followed me wherever I lived, which meant, load of boxes and acute back pains! But to me, they were essentials, yes there is internet, and Pinterest, but there will never be such a thing as turning the pages of freshly purchased book…

I will try to show you some of my favorite in a later post, as I just moved so most of them are still in boxes.

Have a great Monday!at-home-by-valentine-avoh-coverShirt: DKNY ~ Jeans: Mango ~ Shoes: Wonders

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