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Fabric Hunting

Today I wanted to show you a place where I like to go when I am looking for beautiful fabrics and materials: Les tissus du Chien Verts and more especially, Le Chien du Chien! I find their boutique highly inspiring for their material selection but more importantly for it’s amazing its scenery…

Guy Francois, the son of a ship-maker and a boat lover himself, fell into the fabric business following a happy coincidence, 20 years ago. And thank god he did, over the years, he managed to perfectly merge his two passion while creating a blissful and delightful place… Believe me, it’s real pleasure for the eyes. Whether you are passionate with fashion or not, if you have a certain interest in beauty, interior design, ships, or even architecture, you will definitely fall in love with this space!

les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh9Le Chien du Chien – Quai des Charbonnages 50a, 1080 Bruxelles

Le Chien Vert – Rue du chien vert 2, 1080 Bruxelles

les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh4les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh18les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh17les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh22As I told you, boats are floating everywhere in this place… Isn’t it amazing?

les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh5As you can easily imagine, although I often go there with a clear idea of what I need, more often than not, I end up leaving with a few extras. They have a very large range of fabrics, from clothing to furnishing as well as a large range of leather skins, trimmings, buttons etc… They also hold a very nice selection of colorful African wax fabrics. One area which I also love and that I discovered while making my first wedding dress, (do you remember, the one with the feathers?) is the section where they store all the end of lines so you can get very good deals on cuts but as well on full rolls.

les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh6As you’ll understood, this is one of the other way I get my inspiration from… And if you were ever planning to visit Les tissus du Chien Vert or Le Chien du Chien (they are just next to each other), make sure you’ll have at least an hour ahead of you ;-)

les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh15les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh19les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh20les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh7les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh1les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh2les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh16les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh3les-tissus-du-chien-vert-by-valentine-avoh23I am wearing:

Jeans: James Jeans – Cardigan: Essentiel – Boots: Zinda – Shirt: Binetti

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  • Sanja
    9 April 2014 at 18:40

    O god, that store is a heaven!! Love the fabrics!!

  • Victoria
    22 April 2014 at 05:26

    What an interesting post! Love it!
    And what a magic place! :) I can easily imagine myself being lost there for at least two hours. :)))
    Great photography as well!!!