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Insta Recap’

Throwback Thursday, selfies, shoes, work, etc… Here is a little Instagram recap of my last few weeks! Don’t forget to follow me here for instant updates.




First, a picture collage from my time spend working at Alexander McQueen resurfaced when I was tidying up the studio. Those pictures were taken during one of the fitting with his favorite model. She had, according to him, the perfect measurements, and was flown to London whenever required as all the show’s pieces where molded on her lean figure.

This is probably one of the only picture I have of him…




I am not a selfie addict but I do indulge from time to time. Here I am, heading out to meet my friends for a girls night out. The weather had been so mild over here that I could finally wear one of my favorite mid season coat (worn also here) from Coast bought on Zalando. As for the shoes they are from Zinda and the jeans from Mango.




My lovely Olivetti 32 blue typewriter found in Brussels vintage market (Place du Jeu de balle) and my new everyday ballerinas from Wonders. I couldn’t resist to their little bows and painted faces!




A little glimpse into my house with another of my vintage find, this time from the Petits Riens, still in Brussels. Can you believe I only paid 40 euro for this machine! It dates from the early 1910-1920. I love how the brand name is molded above the feet. The dress on the left is one of my own design that you might have seen here before.




Here are some of my sketches of a dress I was developing for a client. I was illustrating different variation on the same thematic. I love this part of the process as it is about finding the right middle between my vision and hers.




In late January I attended the catalogue shoot of the Belgian designer Marc-Philippe Coudeyre, which was very special for me as I developed all the patterns for his collection. It was also the first time I saw all the clothes I developed together with him as a whole, worn on a real model and not just as prototypes. I cannot show you the pictures now as the collection is not officially out yet but as soon as I can, I will post them here!




Another designer flashback picture with Alexis Mabille and I. This picture was taken at the show after party at his Parisian apartment. I worked in his studio for a few months when I was still living in Paris. At that time he was starting to be famous with his eponymous line after working many years as an accessory designer for Dior (under the direction of John Galliano) and Yves St Laurent.




And to end… My first day of the year without boots, winter shoes or socks! Of course it deserved a picture ;-)