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All About: Jeans!

Hi guys! Say hello to my first shopping post, hopefully the first of a regular series… The reason why I never did shopping post is because I didn”t really shop regularly, contrarily to what some of you may think, I can usually go months without buying any clothing items and wake up one day craving something after either seeing it in a magazine, on a blogger or simply after saying good bye to one of my favorite item…

This is actually how this post came to my mind… Lately I have been obsessed with denim as I had to say goodbye to my favorite pair of black jeans, which was also my only black one (I told you I was not a big shopper ;-) Anyway… I had this pair for over 5 years and although it was really good quality, it started to crack, so I had to let it go. Which made me rethink my jeans situation as my other favorite blue pair from BCBG also let me down after 3-4 years. I knew I needed to rebuild my basis… And as I don’t really trust jeans from Zara and all for my key pieces (as they don’t last very long), I started the search of my new perfect pair of quality jeans, to replace my dear black Radcliffe and blue BCBG…


The good thing was that my favorite online shop, was holding a massive denim sales with up to 60% off, so I jumped on the occasion and ended up ordering not one, but two pairs (this one from Koral and that one from James Jean)!


This is why I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of my findings (especially as some of the sales are still on) as everyone needs a good pair of jeans! Isn’t it? I am curious to know, which is the favorite pair you own?


In the meantime I will wait patiently for my two pairs to arrive…!

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