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A day in Wonders’ Land


You all know my love for visiting ateliers and discovering how objects of desire are made… If I could chose, I would probably spend half of my time visiting ateliers all around the world and the other half, putting into practice what I learned…


In my opinion, a product isn’t just an object, it is much more than that. It is about the people behind it: the people who envisioned it, those who designed it and more importantly the one who actually made it! When purchasing something, we often forget that behind it there was a woman or a man who thought about each details, carefully putting each piece together to make it ours. And more often than not, especially since the rise of mass market, we tend to diminish the value of this hard work and craftsmanship…


This is why I really enjoyed my trip to Wonders’ land or in other words, the Wonders Shoe factory!




Two weeks ago, I was invited to the Wonders headquarters in Elche, south of Spain, to visit the birthplace of my favorite ballerinas! No need to say how thrilled I was to be part of this Fashion With Soul adventure, with the 4 others bloggers & fashionistas invited: Monica Parga, aka Miss at la playa, which blog I had been following since my early days of blogging, Marie Zamboli, the bubbly south Italian blogger, Lucia Pardavila, fashion journalist and expert & the lovely Patricia Gonzalez, also journalist and organizer of the Fashion Blogs Day.


We started the day by visiting the design and prototyping studio where each of the Wonders shoes were created, each material carefully selected, basically where each model was born! Then we had a tour into the huge machine area where we witnessed how patterns and leather skins were cut and how later on the seamstress would skillfully assemble them.

It was really interesting to see how many steps the simplest pair of shoe had to go through before it could even reach the stores! Starting from the research and ending with the wrapping, the interventions were endless! In the end, I really loved meeting all the people involve in this tremendous team work, plus what’s better than spending your morning surrounded by shoes?


No wonder(s) they called it Made with Love!! Next week, I will be sharing with you the rest of my day with the Wonders Team.













Thanks again to Marisa, Belén, Lorena and Ruben for the amazing experience!!! xxx



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