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7 Beautiful ways to wear your wedding veil…

As the wedding season approach, it is now time (if you didn’t do it already) to choose the wedding veil that will perfect your beautiful dress! Did you know that this timeless piece can be worn in so many ways? Here are 7 ways to style your wedding veil!

1. The birdcage

voile-mariageVery elegant but also easy to wear, the birdcage veil will be the perfect choice if you wear your hair in a bun or if they are short. What a better way to show off your shoulders and décolleté?

2. Bohemian

voile-mariage-7Tied in the back or on the side, this alternative to the classic veil will add a touch of “swinging 20s” to your look while remaining highly elegant.

3. Flower

voile-mariage-4Fresh flowers or fabric ones, you choose! This type of veil will please the more romantic and nature loving brides. Plus you will be adding a beautiful dash of colors to your outfit.

4. Juliet

voile-mariage-6-Named after the one and only Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, but more precisely from Juliet’s wedding outfit as sketched by it’s author: She was wearing a delicate fitted headdress adorned with a veil.

Later it became one of the symbol of the 20s-30s. In the 50s Grace Kelly and Jacky Kennedy brought it back to life, so well that it remained popular until this day. As a matter of fact, Kate Moss and Lili Allen wore it to their own weddings.

voile-mariage-55. Beaded

voile-mariage-13This precious veil delicately embroidered with beads will definitely add some romanticism and mystery to your look.

6. Headband

voile-mariage-9If you cannot choose between the veil and the headband, why not wear both? This way you will be able to take off your veil after the ceremony and keep your headband for the party!

voile-mariage-117. Traditional

voile-mariage-10This one is for the princesses among us who dream of their prince lifting up their veil prior to the big kiss!

My 3 tips for selecting your veil:

– Make sure your veil is the same color and tone of your dress.

– Always talk to your hairstylist to make sure that the style of veil you choose can be adapted to your hair type and style.

– Choose your veil according to your shape an height. Avoid long heavily embroidered veil if you are very short. On the other hand, shoulder length veil are perfect if you have broad shoulders as the delicately hide them.

You can also read my article in french on Elle.be here.

Picture credits: Pinterest. Discover more veils on my “Wedding veil” board.


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  • Beauty Follower
    23 March 2015 at 12:54

    The bohemians style is wonderful!


  • tomasi Suluape
    13 August 2015 at 19:52

    I love all, dunno which one my GF will like