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About time…

When working I tend to loose track of time, especially when I draw or sew. I sink into this parallel world where minutes becomes hours. The only thing that usually bring me back to the real world is my stomach! Yes, as soon as I start to hear him, it’s time for me to stop and indulge into my other passion, food!

daniel-wellington-watches-by-valentine-avoh_3So I was very happy when I received this beautiful watch for my birthday (it was on the 16th feb ;-) from Daniel Wellington Watches. They knew exactly what I needed! It keeps me from looking at the time on my phone which inevitably turns in a mail, facebook and other distractions moment. I usually leave it on my desk when working but obviouly love to wear it during my bridal appointments as it is very elegant and yet modern.

daniel-wellington-watches-by-valentine-avoh_2The good news is that I managed to get you a 15% discount on their whole collection using the code: valentine

So now the question is which one will you choose? I got the Gold Classy Sheffield below but there are so many more models to choose from on their site.


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