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Philips and Me

Ironing is definitely part of my daily life as it is an essential step in quality clothes making. Each seam, each stitch needs to be carefully ironed. And as I work mainly with delicate & expensive fabrics such as silk chiffon, silk crèpe de chine lace, cotton etc… I need a high quality iron. I have been using the same brand for the past 10 years, Philips, and even if my old iron is still in shape, I was thrilled when Philips offered me to try their new Perfect Care-Elite Silence.

It take more or less the same space as my old one but is much lighter and smoother, which does make a difference on your wrist when you use it all day long.

My favorite part is…  Actually, I have a few: You don’t need to set the temperature as it automatically detect the type of fabric and immediately ajust to it. The removable water tank is really convenient as I used to make a mess every time I had to fill up the previous one as it was odly placed and fixed. The steamer is very powerful thus perfect when I have to smooth out any fabric or finish dresses. And finally, the auto power off is a must for scatterbrain like me.

The only thing I miss is the ability to put it vertically on the board. You can only lay it flat or on it’s base. But to be honest you get used to it quite fast…

This beast is definitely going to stay with me for a while!


Many thanks to Ingrid!

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