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Inspirational shoot


It has been a while since I wanted to show you those pictures..! A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to lend some of my dresses to a talented photographer named Mohamed Houssein. Mohamed started photography 4 years ago. Aside from the quality of his photos, what I loved about his work, is that he has been shooting on film since over a year. We selected four of my dresses and shoot in various location in Brussels. In…

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Valentine’s Day


I hope you all a good Valentine’s Day, meaning, being with your loved one, alone, at work or at home or else… For me it’s just a day to celebrate my name and look forward to my Birthday 2 days later (16th February). Contrary to what people always think, I was name Valentine not because I was born after Valentine’s day but after my Grandmother. For Valentine’s Day I wanted to organize a mini shooting in a little park close…

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2 In Atelier/ Collaborations



If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you must already know that last November 21st, I launched together with the boutique Love, Sweet, etc… two exclusive wedding dresses named Jackie and Little Jackie! This is by far one of my top achievement of 2015! Since I discovered Catherine and Malicia’s Love. Sweet, Etc… boutique in  2013, I always hoped that someday I would be able to sell my designs in their lovely boutique. Even if at that time I…

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Philips and Me


Ironing is definitely part of my daily life as it is an essential step in quality clothes making. Each seam, each stitch needs to be carefully ironed. And as I work mainly with delicate & expensive fabrics such as silk chiffon, silk crèpe de chine lace, cotton etc… I need a high quality iron. I have been using the same brand for the past 10 years, Philips, and even if my old iron is still in shape, I was thrilled…

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