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About time…


When working I tend to loose track of time, especially when I draw or sew. I sink into this parallel world where minutes becomes hours. The only thing that usually bring me back to the real world is my stomach! Yes, as soon as I start to hear him, it’s time for me to stop and indulge into my other passion, food! So I was very happy when I received this beautiful watch for my birthday (it was on the…

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Through Ainsley’s eyes…


In January I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Ainsley from the blog And I Said Yes as she was planning to write a piece on my collection. The truth is that I had been following her blog since its beginning so I was really thrilled to meet her in person. Ainsley started her blog only a few months ago but immediately stood out from the crowd with her quality content and beautiful imagery. Plus you will absolutely love…

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Behind the photoshoot


Although I shot a thousand pictures in many different situations (street style, events, etc..), this was by far the most intense but also exciting photoshoot I had to do… Because I was shooting my baby, my first collection! Not only was I taking the actual pictures, I also had to coordinate the whole day, the crew, while making sure that my dresses looked good. But thanks god I had an amazing team to help me: My boyfriend, who acted as…

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