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Video Inspirations #8

Back to school, hence back to work..! The holiday season is officially over and after taking it easy for a last week until the hurricane starts (that is fashion weeks) I am now ready to brave the upcoming season… This week, I have finally finished to unpack the totality of my holiday suitcase, my clothes have now found their way back into my wardrobe, I have regained the use of my diary, my phone and re-inflated my bicycle… Yes I…

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Video Inspirations #7

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well. I came back from Spain last week and immediately went on to work on some personal projects. If you are following me on Instagram you might know what I have been up to, and if not I will be giving you an update very soon… In the meantime, here is another video inspirations series to share with you my favorites videos of the moment. Starting with this video announcing the upcoming collection…

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Video Inspirations #6

Hi everyone! Here are the latest videos I came across recently and as usual, I wanted to share them with you… First, the latest video from Garance Doré… Everything Garance does becomes a hit as she master the art of personalization as an added value. That it’d be for the way she writes or the way she talks us through her travel and experiences, only she, can make us instantly feel part of her clique, like we knew her since…

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Video Inspirations… #5

Just for you,  some of the nicest videos I came across this week. Let’s start with this video from ELLE featuring Rihanna. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of Rihanna but I do like this video! The scenery is beautiful and so is the styling. But what got me me the most was the light and those games of shadows inspired by of the old Hollywood movies. (By the way, have you seen Sunset Boulevard? It…

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