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Lolo The Ballerina


Today I would like to introduce you to a Belgian designer I discovered earlier this year and who I had the chance to meet while writing one of my article for Elle Belgium… Her Name is Magali and she, alongside her mother Barbara, created one of the cutest shoe brand around, I named: Lolo The Ballerina!…

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6 In Wedding Inspiration

Glitter on my feet!

glitter, glitter shoes, wedding glitter

Like I told you here, I named January, the months of glitter! And to continue on my way, let me share with you my second article for, translated in English, just for you ;-) Read the original in french here! As you know, what we wear on our feet is as important, if not more important, than what we wear on ourselves… So after the beautiful dresses, here come the shoes..!…

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6 In Wedding Inspiration

All that Glitter !


As I mentioned here, this year I am starting a very exciting collaboration with the magazine Elle Belgique as their new “wedding” writer! I will be sharing my inspiration and discoveries related to the wedding universe talking about wedding dresses, shoes, but also wedding decoration and food. As for my work I always need to be on trend wedding wise, I am really happy that I’ll be finally able to share all the information I come across with someone other…

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